Bits 'n Pieces

Pick a thought, any thought, then decide for yourself what is real.

Thou Shalt Not Kill
What Is A Christian?
The Work - an example
Is there Life after...?
About my mother ...
It's all in my mind.
Paradox and Confusion.
Who's in Charge Here?
On Charity
Which Do We Heal: Body or Mind?
Is It Just Sex?
Are You A Sinner?
Male-Female Contrasts
My Prayer
A testimonial of A Course In Miracles
What is a Sufi?
Is there a cure for cancer?
What Turns Relationships Sour?
How to Teach
Teenagers and High School Security
Children and Guns
My life, my way
Not my job, Man
Science and Your Health
Free Will vs. Determinism
Programmer's Prayer
Who is your Savior?
My secret?
Is A Course In Miracles 100% Correct?
Awareness, Thinking, and Consciousness
Confessions of a Nightmare

Here's a bit of poetry:

I Reflect ... by John R. Carter

Soulful Reflections of One Mind by John R. Carter
...and it's companion,
Soulful Reflections of A Gift of Love by Karen White.
Catch Me, Daddy by Patrick H. Milligan
New Baby by Cindy Schlossnagle